#1 International Bestselling Author And Life Coach Deb Rosman Announces Incoming Book and Podcast on The Pollyanna Effect

Deb Rosman believes that life is largely what a person makes of it. She has mostly lived her life by being Pollyanna. She does her utmost best to stay positive as she believes that this act attracts success and other positive things in life. She helps individuals to get into this Pollyanna frame of mind and use their sense of perception optimistically.

 Considering that it can be confusing to tell people to rely on perception and the Pollyanna effect, Deb Rosman was happy to share some points. She mentioned that effort was always going to be needed in the pursuit of progress. The Pollyanna effect and perception are just the ignition to what can kickstart that willingness to work and try again and again if things become challenging.

When quizzed about what she loved about her career and how it felt to be a bestselling author, Deb Rosman said, “The feeling is one of elation knowing that my ability to help others to live their best life is a reality. It is the best feeling ever”.

Deb highlights her methods, secrets and challenges in her #1 International Bestselling Book “It Is Done!”. Available for purchase here.

One of Deb Rosman’s clients, Kristina J., had some kind words to say about Deb and how she helped her. Kristina said, “My children and I always loved to read Winnie the Pooh.  We would often finish a story with the song “Little Black Rain Cloud.”  I often would think of that silly song and how I had my own little black cloud permanently stationed over my head, which was responsible for my lack of joy and overall attitude toward life.  It was completely out of my control.  I just had to learn how to deal with it and navigate the best I could.  It was Deb who helped me finally feel sunshine.  She would always listen and wouldn’t give me the answers.  Instead she would ask me questions, teaching me, helping me to figure out that it wasn’t life throwing me all those curve balls.  It was actually ME.  I was creating my own lack of joy.  She helped me to see that how I feel is created by MY thoughts, not others.  Whenever I feel “off,” I contact Deb, who is always there to listen and help me find my way back towards sunshine.

Deb Rosman has built a resounding reputation from her exploits as an uplifter. The invasion of the dreary COVID-19 pandemic has put many in situations where they need coaches like Deb Rosman to uplift them in the form of encouragement and to help them get through their everyday lives and careers. 

For all who are in doubt or unhappy Deb Rosman says, “we can tint our world by looking through a lens of happiness…what a tremendous gift rose color glass are.”

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