Ahmie E. Baum, CEO & Founder of Interchange Capital Partners, Discussing Exit Planning for Business Owners, Interviewed on Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast

Ahmie Baum discusses his company’s deep experience with business owners looking to plan for the inevitable: an exit strategy for their company.

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Ahmie explained: “Here are the top learning points business owners must realize about Exit Planning:

– Exit Planning is different from retirement planning.

– Exit Planning is about creating and maximizing value in a business to be sold for the highest possible price.

– Retirement planning is about having enough money to live on after you stop working.

– Most business owners do not have a formal exit plan.

– A lack of an exit plan can result in lower sale prices, tax consequences, and other problems.

– Exit Planning is a process that should start years before a business owner plans to sell their business. This is important because it takes time to implement strategies to maximize value.”

With decades of experience, Interchange Capital Partners has developed an expertise in both helping their clients understand where they are today and building bigger futures. This involves providing them with the clarity, understanding and an action plan around protecting and growing family capital Their strategies include wealth preservation, tax mitigation based on cash flow and They also help business owners grow their business value and prepare them for the inevitable transition whether it is through succession or a sale.

Interchange Capital Partners fully consider the impact on their client’s business and personal wealth and their families. They take a truly holistic approach to analyzing their financial affairs, with the goal of simplifying the decision-making that’s required for running a business and planning, sustaining, and transferring assets and finances for the future.

About Ahmie Baum

Ahmie E. Baum is the CEO and Founder of Interchange Capital Partners. Using a collaborative and comprehensive process developed over 42 years working with wall street banks and financial services firms, Interchange Capital Partners provides family office and transition strategy services for family businesses.

Interchange Capital Partners helps families protect and grow their family capital by being relevant and resourceful around their unique circumstances

As a graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, Ahmie began his career with EF Hutton in 1973 and transitioned to UBS in 1993. Ahmie is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) and received the Executive Certificate in Financial Planning from Duquesne University School of Leadership and Professional Advancement. And has a Certificate in Family Business Advising (CFBA) from the Family Firm Institute

Ahmie and his wife, Sara, have 3 children and two granddaughters; they live in Pittsburgh and Sarasota. He has found yoga, meditation, and plant-based eating to enhance his values of health, love, and gratitude. He enjoys wood turning, golf, reading, music and biking as well as time with family and friends. He and Sara are very active within the charitable community.

Learn more: https://interchangecp.com/