Ally Miller – Relationship Between Physical and Spiritual Health

In this episode, Jack talks with Christian health and fitness coach Ally Miller about the relationship between physical and spiritual health.

From a young age, Ally was an athlete. She excelled at soccer, playing through high school and even at the collegiate level. But inside she struggled with a negative body image and an addiction to sugar and high-fat foods.

Ally explains how her poor diet of frozen pizzas, mint chocolate chip ice-cream, and McDonald’s two or three times a week finally caught up to her, especially after the intensity of her college soccer career was over.

Like so many, she tried all sorts of diets, gimmicks, and supplements. Doing high-intensity workouts and like so many she failed. Nothing seemed to work, and she was absolutely miserable.

That all changed when she discovered the connection between her physical health and her faith in God and learned how to properly nourish and strengthen her body with whole plant-based foods and cross training.

Today Ally is the founder of Cross Training Women where she helps women transform not just their physical health, but their mental and spiritual health from the inside out with biblical scripture-based principles.

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