Andy Alagappan – Digital Services Expert

Andy Alagappan, COO of a proven & experienced inbound marketing agency. His team has done over 1000+ web marketing projects around the world! They are currently managing over $2.5 million in PPC Ad budgets!  He helps companies with implementing a measurable online inbound B2B and B2C marketing & Leads Generation strategy.

Inbound marketing is a very useful concept in the field of marketing and involves the use of marketing in a very systematic and targeted manner. In the olden days people used to market and advertise in all possible media forms and used to tap into the potential customers on a large basis without focusing on the absolutely targeted audience. However today, companies are spending time, money and effort in order to use different methods to understand those customer requirements, their shopping behaviour and preferences and then focus their marketing resources in a targeted manner towards the strongly potential buyers. Since most prospects have begun to research and then shop online, it is easy for companies to place the link of their websites in a manner which would answer people’s questions or direct them to where they can shop for what they are looking for. This is the basic crux of inbound marketing and this is becoming more and more successful day by day.

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T. Allen Hanes

#1 Best Selling Author, International Speaker. T. Allen Hanes is long a time entrepreneur and business contributor for Small Business Trendsetters, CNN iReport, USA Today. He is also the founder of The Authority Syndicate Group and Educator and Advocates for small business. He has traveled the world educating audiences.