Annette Bond – Creating a Signature Look To Elevate Your Brand and Attract Ideal Clients

In this episode, Jack talks with certified image consultant and the creator of “Reveal Your Radiance Style Academy” Annette Bond.

Personal Branding is a term that was seldom, if ever, heard 10 or 15 years ago. But today, consumers don’t just buy products and services; they are also buying the people behind those products and services.

If you ever ask yourself, “Do I look the part?” or wonder if you are aligned with your brand, your position, or even yourself, then you may just find the answer in today’s show.

As a certified Image Consultant, Annette has been working with image and style for 30 years. She is passionate about empowering women who are doing amazing things to dress with ease so they can walk into the world more confidently.

Through her “Reveal Your Radiance Style Academy,” Annette teaches successful, smart women to embrace their authentic best selves while using their clothing as a powerful business and communication tool. Allowing them to go from feeling ‘off’ to creating a signature look that is uniquely them, so that they are on-brand, getting noticed, truly stepping into their excellence, and even reaching their next income level or promotion.

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