Author and Business Strategist Herman Bezuidenhout Hits Five Amazon Best Seller Lists with “Is This Place Too Small For Me?”

Author and Business Strategist Herman Bezuidenhout’s recent release, Is This Place Too Small For Me? Life, Sales and Strategy – Simplified hit’s bestseller list on May 5th, 2022, climbing all the way to Number One in the Business Consulting, Information Management, Business Development & Growth, Business Planning & Forecasting and Sales and Selling Techniques categories.

Is This Place Too Small For Me? is a fascinating question that will shake the “security or coziness” business executives and entrepreneurs may be experiencing, in either their personal life and daily routine, or in their decisions and vision about their business or current career aspirations. This book will question people’s behavior patterns while, at the same time, stimulate and invoke some challenging thoughts and concepts. This will empower both ordinary people and businesses to move out of their comfort zones or conservative thought patterns to achieve extraordinary results.

In response to the book hitting Number One, Bezuidenhout stated, “Firstly my intentions were to provide, a practical guide for individuals to take stock of their life and current mindset and to re-examine their ambitions, goals, and aspirations, in all areas of life including health, finance, relationships, self-development, job/business, and spirituality. These areas are interlinked and have an impact on each other. Secondly, for businesses to revisit their vision, strategy processes, and sales functions, enabling them to achieve new heights and success.”

“I am delighted with the keen interest that my book is generating in the marketplace. It is a clear indication that the value add of the content will reach the intended audience and that my passion for sharing my experience and success was well founded.  The mission of my book is to empower individuals and businesses to make better decisions and to become irresistible to others!”

Is This place Too Small For Me? provides a snapshot view of the importance of thinking strategically, creating the ability for the reader to re-examine his/her purpose in life and to change direction if warranted. By enabling individuals to improve on their unique qualities and skills and by addressing specific personal aspects and behaviors, readers will have the tools to effect change and spearhead growth in their organizations as well as their careers.


Herman Bezuidenhout is a highly experienced and astute Entrepreneur, CEO, and international banking executive with over 44 years of international banking and executive management experience in challenging and diverse environments. He is the founder and CEO of BeztForex (Pty) Ltd, a foreign exchange, treasury, and international banking intermediary company that specializes in assisting importers, exporters, and investors to improve their competitiveness. Bezuidenhout offers a sophisticated set of banking skills having worked at the highest executive levels at FirstRand bank for over 20 years as well as Global Head – Trade Services at FNB Global Transactional  Banking, CEO at FNB International Banking, and COO at FNB Africa.  

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