Belinda Ndu – Tax and Accounting Business Strategist and Franchise Owner

Belinda Ndu is experienced in assisting small tax businesses to transition into larger more credible tax businesses.

Belinda’s intuition from serving many a tax return client morphed into a successful community icon for tax solution providers. Icons also have the tendency to attract imitators, so in addressing a few hijackers of the Tax Lady brand she and her business partner and husband, Obinna Ndu, formulated the strategy of having their own back office software solution, which couldn’t be duplicated. Cofounding GapTaxSolutions not only strengthened their franchise owners and allowed them to scale a great service but differentiated themselves from any unsavory imitators.  The Tax Lady II supported by Gap Tax Solutions has positioned itself as an authority to of innovation to the tax business provider industry which brings great value to the taxpayers at large.

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Belinda Ndu
Tax Lady 2

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