Best Selling Author Maryse Cardin Hits Three Amazon Best Seller Lists with Self Talk Love for Sensitives

Self-talk expert, Maryse Cardin’s recent release, Self Talk Love for Sensitives: Ease Anxiety and Awaken to the Gifts of Being a Highly Sensitive Woman, hit’s best seller list on October 15, 2021, climbing all the way to Number One in the Health and Nutrition for Parents category, Number Two in Inner Child, and Number Four in Metaphysics. The book also received Amazon New Release awards in Women’s Spirituality (#1); Psychology, Education and Training (#1), and Holistic Medicine (#4).

This is the fourth book in a series of Self Talk empowerment material. In her latest book, Maryse Cardin covers the importance of practicing loving self-talk for Highly Sensitive Women (HSW). In short personal stories and tips, the book offers HSW a chance to experience self-esteem and unconditional love and gain positive self-talk skills.

These changing times can be extremely difficult for HSW. They feel all of the anxiety, chaos, and conflict in the world.  Maryse proudly calls herself a highly sensitive person (HSP), a term for those who are thought to have an increased or deeper central nervous system sensitivity to physical, emotional, or social stimuli. In her case, it is a gift and a blessing that she has learned to share with others. She has created this work to help all highly sensitive women calm their overwhelmed nervous systems, easy anxiety, and gain freedom from their inner critic so they can celebrate their inherent capacity to sense and know more than others. This is vitally important because highly sensitive people are thought to make up roughly 20% of the general population.

Maryse shares, “I want you to feel the freedom from shame, guilt, pretending to be someone else, or pushing way past your emotional, energetic, and physical boundaries. Open your heart to your true nature and to your life’s purpose as a highly sensitive woman with these self-talk tools.”


Maryse Cardin is also the author of Speaking to Yourself with Love and Self Talk Love for Fertility. She is a workshop leader, speaker, coach, communication university teacher, and very proud HSW. She is fluent in English and French. 

Self Talk Love for Sensitives: Ease Anxiety and Awaken to the Gifts of Being a Highly Sensitive Woman is now available on in kindle and Paperback at .

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