Beth Ann Dice – Managing Mid-Life Hormones Naturally For All Women

In this episode, Jack talks with Health & Wellness Expert Beth Ann Dice about how she helps women approaching menopause to take control of their health and manage their hormones naturally so they can make their mid-years their best years.

Beth Ann admits that she was never athletic growing up and only became interested in wellness in her late 30s when she was diagnosed with Colitis in 2005. Along with that diagnosis came a hefty medication and supplement bill of over $200 a month. With the help of a Gastroenterologist who was more interested in homeopathic remedies than writing prescriptions, Beth Ann discovered a natural way to ease her symptoms with dietary changes and has been in remission for over 10 years now.

When Beth Ann started experiencing her first perimenopausal symptoms, she decided to take the same approach for managing her hormonal symptoms by monitoring how different foods affected her both physically and mentally. With a little experimentation and fine-tuning, she quickly found out that she could control her symptoms.

Driven by her passion to share her discovery with others, Beth Ann created the 4M Method to Wellness as part of her coaching programs that include Hormone Boss and her signature wellness program, MISSION:Midlife Metamorphosis, which enables her to help women not just beat menopause, but make their mid-years their best years and experience better health for their entire life.

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