Brad and Morgan Robinson – How To Create a Happy and Thriving Marriage After Infidelity

Imagine the hurt and anguish of discovering that your loved one has cheated on you.

Brad and Morgan Robinson speak with Jack about how they help repair and rebuild the marriages and relationships of those who have been impacted by infidelity.

Brad is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Morgan is the founder of Marriage Solutions Tulsa. They are also the creators of The 90 Days to Affair Recovery System

Whether you’ve been the one cheated on or not, you certainly have first-hand knowledge of someone who has experienced this trauma. Reality TV shows, such as the Real Housewives (of everywhere), flaunt infidelity and divorce openly, making it an everyday household word.

The first reaction many have is to seek divorce. The Morgans help couples explore the issues that led to a situation where infidelity could take place. They then help them move beyond those issues.

In many cases, the relationship is not only rebuilt, but it can be better than it was before. Without the negative communication cycles they were experiencing, their love can grow in a positive way.

This interview provides a positive outlook on what has historically been the devastating life situation of infidelity.

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