Brandon Bing – Central Florida Solar Installation Expert on How Solar Energy Can Help Every Homeowner Save Money

In this episode, Brandon Bing, CEO of the Central Florida’s award-winning solar installation company, All American Solar, discusses how he helps home owners save money on their electric bills by installing the latest American-made solar panels. Despite using solar power, he added that clients in Florida must be hooked up to the standard power grid as mandated by the state of Florida.

In this interview, Brandon lays to rest some common misconceptions from the home owner’s point of view, such as the cost of the installation, the return on investment and the quality of the equipment. A unique aspect of his company is the use of drones to survey the client’s property and roof area to give the company’s engineer the best view of the property so that he can design the best solar installation for the home owner.

Whether you need to install or replace your current solar unit or request a service call for routine maintenance, All American Solar is well-known for unparalleled knowledge and expertise. They provide a wide variety of products and services from solar panels photovoltaic (PV) for whole house electric and battery management and storage as well as for solar water, pool, insulation, and other energy-saving technologies. All American Solar has been recognized through Home Advisor as a preferred contractor, E|VEST Florida August 2015 Contractor of the Month, and is a State of Florida SolarWorld partner.

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Joel Helfer

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