Bryan Newbrite And The Axion Network Announce The Launch Of Venture Capital Auctions On The Trust Factor Radio

On a recent episode of The Trust Factor Radio with Neil Howe, Bryan Newbrite- Axion’s Chief of Strategy and Marketing – discussed how Axion is engaging the cryptocurrency world with education and community driven innovation.

Axion Network is an ethical, community-driven cryptocurrency that rewards long-term investing with high-yield interest rates and weekly dividends.

According to Newbrite, Axion is positioned to attract new investors to their cryptocurrency with an innovative approach to stabilize the bull and bear swings cryptocurrency has been known for.

Newbrite said, “Axion does things a little bit differently. What we feel helps us to be more prepared to take advantage of bull markets and still be able to withstand bear markets is our token currency is probably the first one in the world that we have 21 plus percent of our supply staked out for 15.2 years.”

When host Neil Howe asked, “What else is Axion doing differently than the other coins on the market? ”Newbrite answered, “We’ve got the VCA (Venture Capital Auctions), we’ve got upgrade stakes, there’s a lot of different tools that allow you to manage your money. Axion started off as a traditional CD token, just like all the other CD tokens, where we would provide 8% interest, and then try to manage inflation over time. But, over the course of the last four months, through a tremendous amount of community involvement we’ve got to a place where we have a really dynamic product that in the long term controls inflation while still minting tokens, so it’s a pretty unique setup.”

During the interview Newbrite shared why education is so important to Axion, explaining, “One of the biggest barriers of cryptocurrency right now is less than 84% of the world even has a wallet. If you look at the United States, the median wallet value is under $360. So right now, there’s just very little adoption. The 1.4 trillion invested in cryptocurrency is very concentrated. The primary reason for that is education. It’s really a complex situation to get into cryptocurrency. The way I kind of draw an analogy here is what Apple did that made Apple big. They made it simple to use, they built a UI, they made it easy, they made an interface that a normal human can use. What Axion is doing is quite the same. When you visit what you’re going to see is a very clear layout of what the economics look like. We’ve got several buttons that click you over to bring you to the “I’ve never touched crypto before” page. On that page, we’ve got several different media options. If you’re the kind of human that likes to watch videos to learn how to build a wallet, we’ve got videos…if you want just a manual, we’ve got that as well. What our target is, is to allow someone who’s never been in crypto to get everything set up and start buying cryptocurrency easily.”

The interview concluded with Newbrite saying “Cryptocurrency over the last decade has shown us that it is here to stay and not a bad investment. There will continue to be some wild swings in the market until there is further adoption from the world. Having an investment vehicle that is staked for many years adds a lot to the stability of our Axion token and the greater the adoption the greater value Axion will gain over the years…all while earning high interest and dividends through Venture Capital Auctions for investors.”

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