Carl David Suicide Prevention Advocate

Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as a third descendant of a 4th generation art dealer family, Carl David is a firm believer in ‘paying it forward.’ He has overcome a great life struggle, and though it was painful, he has learned to turn the negative into something positive.

When David was only sixteen, his brother Bruce decided to take his own life. Bruce David was only twenty-two-years-old at the time of his suicide. Bruce’s death tore the David family apart; so many questions unanswered, too much hurt to endure.

The family had begun to realize that even though Bruce’s battle was over, theirs had just begun.

Together, Carl David and his family had to learn to fight and keep strong no matter how challenging the circumstances. Just eight years later, David’s father, a legendary art dealer, died suddenly and unexpectedly on a buying trip in England. He was only fifty-eight-years-old. David was devastated by his brother and father’s deaths. In response to his grief, David decided to write a book. Initially, the book titled, Bader Field, was written so that David’s children (not yet born) would one day be able to know the greatness of their grandfather. Over time, however, the book’s true context came forth.

Bader Field is a survivor’s story and talks about how death, specifically a suicide, can wreak havoc on loved ones left behind. The book reveals the story of how a family endured struggle and torment after suicide, and their fight to survive. David uses the book as an outlet to ‘pay it forward’ and help others cope with depression and suicidal tendencies. The author wants for those who are suffering to know that though they may feel lonely, they are not alone.

Carl David
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Bader Field; How My Family Survived Suicide
Available on Amazon, Apple iBook store and in 60 digital markets worldwide
YouTube; Coping After Suicide, Part 1, It’s your call with Lynn Doyle
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