Ceza Ouzounian Announces Warrior Love Program

The Warrior Love Program by Ceza Ouzounian is designed to elevate the love lives of men and women from around the globe. It helps them identify what is stopping them from reaching their relationship goals, whether that is to attract the right partner and relationship or to improve a current relationship. 

Ceza states that many people are not where they want to be with their relationships and this is down to resistance and blocks in their energy that is stopping them from moving in the direction that will get them to where they want to be. The Warrior Love program helps them to clear these resistances and align to what they want so that they can take the necessary steps to make it happen.

Having experienced a toxic relationship first-hand, Ceza vowed never again to allow someone to cross her boundaries. She left the relationship and focused on healing her own resistances using a technique called the Energy Alignment Method, realising that this was key in ensuring she would never again be stuck in a toxic relationship or attract the wrong partners.

The Energy Alignment Method, or EAM, is a simple 5 step technique that allows you to tune into your energy and subconscious and get clarity on the underlying issues and identify what is holding you back. EAM is a great tool to let go of stress, overwhelm, indecision, fears, limiting beliefs and patterns.  

Ceza says, “I have been through the journey my clients go on and I know first hand what it is like to do this work and find a relationship and partner that is so right. I combine fitness and coaching because the mind and body always affect each other and need to work together to get the best results.”

Watch this video to see how Ceza finds love for her clients:

The Warrior Love Program is delivered online and is available now through her website https://warriorintraining.co.uk/warrior-love-programme/

To learn more about Ceza, visit her website (https://warriorintraining.co.uk/). Or you can follow her on Facebook (@WarriorInTrainingwithCeza), Instagram (@warriorintrainingwithceza), YouTube (@Ceza Ouzounian) and LinkedIn (@Ceza Ouzounian).