Chief Gene Saunders Celebrates Global Bestseller Achievement with “Top 25 Global Impact Leaders”

Chief Gene Saunders, a renowned figure in the non-profit and law enforcement sectors, has contributed to the global success of “Top 25 Global Impact Leaders”, which has been celebrated as a #1 bestseller. His impactful chapter contributes to the book’s presence on over 50 bestseller lists in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia, marking a prestigious milestone in his prolific career.

A visionary in community safety and advocacy, Chief Saunders is best known as the founder of Project Lifesaver International and a celebrated recipient of the International Vanguard Award. His chapter in “Top 25 Global Impact Leaders” encapsulates his lifelong dedication to public service and his innovative approach to non-profit leadership.

With an impressive career that spans across both military service and law enforcement, Chief Saunders has been the cornerstone of numerous advancements in community protection and safety. His commitment was honed early on when his military reserves unit was redesignated as a military police unit, leading him to a distinguished three-decade tenure with the Chesapeake Police Department. There, he held every command and led the SWAT team for 23 years, culminating in his service as a Captain.

Two years before retiring from the police force in 2001, Chief Saunders pioneered Project Lifesaver International. His foresight in linking cognitive conditions like Alzheimer’s and Autism to the dangerous tendency of wandering has since led to a remarkable program aiding law enforcement, rescue teams, and caregivers across North America.

“Chief Saunders’ expertise and innovative spirit have not only advanced public safety but have also been instrumental in the global bestseller success of ‘Top 25 Global Impact Leaders’. His leadership philosophy and impactful strategies resonate with leaders across industries,” said Stephanie Cirami, President of the IAOTP.

The non-profit organization he founded, Project Lifesaver International, now operates in all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and six provinces in Canada, boasting an unmatched 100 percent success rate in thousands of rescues. For this, Chief Saunders has garnered international recognition and numerous awards, including three Silver Stars for Valor and a Presidential Commendation from President Bill Clinton.

As a member of 11 prestigious organizations, Chief Saunders continues to educate and lead in various capacities. He holds extensive certifications in law enforcement disciplines and remains a sought-after expert and author on public safety and search and rescue operations. His influence has been acknowledged with numerous accolades, such as the Congressional Medal of Honor Foundation’s ‘Service Before Self’ Citizens Honor Award and recognition as Top CEO of the Year by the IAOTP for his exceptional leadership and dedication.

With a vision to make Project Lifesaver accessible to all, Chief Saunders’ five-year goal is set to make an even greater impact. Crediting his success to mentors like Sheriff John Newhart and his own relentless patience and perseverance, Chief Saunders exemplifies leadership that not only directs but also protects and serves.

“Top 25 Global Impact Leaders” stands as a beacon of Chief Saunders’ lifelong commitment to impactful leadership and public service, inspiring current and future generations to lead with courage and integrity.

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