Christopher Dube – Determining and Delivering Value In Today’s World of Business

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In this episode, I have a conversation with Christopher Dube of Simpatico Consulting about how he grew up in an entrepreneurial family and the positive and negative impacts that had on his own business journey.  As you listen to the interview you will hear the passion in Chris’ voice when he talks about helping business owners accurately determine and deliver value to all their stakeholders.  As I listened to Chris it became apparent to me that the “imprint” of growing up in an entrepreneurial family that built their successful business by creating superior value for their customers and employees has helped make Chris uniquely qualified to help his clients do the same. You can find Chris on LinkedIn and Twitter

Jack Schoenberger

Jack Schoenberger is a retired U.S. Army special operations, and intelligence soldier and former corporate executive focused on getting business leaders the attention and resources they need to grow. When not hosting "The Small Business Evangelist Radio Show," Jack is a contributing writer for media outlets such as HuffPost and serves select clients as a business operations & marketing adviser.