Chuck Drobny – Connecting Your World

Chuck Drobny is a US Army Veteran and West Point Graduate and the President of GlobaLogix in Houston, Texas.

His team monitors and controls physical processes, they display that information, gather and store the data regardless of type of equipment, location or configuration. They can configure and adapt the solution to fit what the client wants, not the other way around. They do this by hiring and developing engineers, managers and technicians for how well they think and adapt rather than what they’ve worked on in the past.

GlobaLogix provides oilfield control and automation services that turn operational field data into actionable information. With actionable information, oil and gas companies work more efficiently, productively and profitably.

GlobaLogix helps a range of energy players, including independents, majors and national oil companies overcome the challenges of a dwindling workforce, shrinking budgets, and more complex fields by integrating smart devices and intelligent design into their field operations.

GlobaLogix’ unique business model allows the company to deliver a complete spectrum of service that follows your data path — from the data collected at the wellhead to the morning report run by your CFO at the home office. Click here to learn more about our spectrum of service.

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