Couples Therapist Launches Luxury Retreats To Improve Relationships Before They Hit Breaking Point

As a licensed couples therapist, Kendra Capalbo spends her days helping people deal with issues including infidelity, communication breakdowns and lack of intimacy.

But she has now launched a new business she hopes will help people improve their relationship before they need to turn to therapists like her. Through Esclusiva Couples Retreats, she will be working with couples in high-end luxury resorts, helping them to understand each other better and leave feeling happier and more connected.

The first retreat will be held in Thailand in November and Kendra is also offering bespoke individual retreats for couples who would rather not join a group event.  Designed to be a relaxing vacation in an exotic location, Kendra believes all couples can benefit from taking time out to prioritise their relationship even if they feel everything is already going well.

She says: “My ultimate dream is that my retreats are so successful they put my couples therapy practice out of business. The people I see in my practice are usually at breaking point and feel there is a crisis in their relationship but I’d love to do more work with couples before they reach that stage.

“I love it when couples recognise there is always work to be done. A lot of people think they have a great relationship just because there is no conflict, but they are running it like a business and forgetting about connection and intimacy.

“Whereas couples therapy is usually reactive and designed to overcome a problem, the retreats will be proactive so couples can strengthen their relationship before any issues develop.”

The first week-long group retreat will be held at an exclusive private resort in Thailand from November 5 to 11.

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