Crawl or No Crawl to Host Live YouTube Session Discussing Sudden Traffic Loss During Website Updates

American Way Media, a forensic seo consulting agency, is hosting a live Crawl or No Crawl report YouTube session on Friday, March 24, 2023, at 1 PM CST to discuss sudden traffic loss during website updates. On the live report two seo experts, Carolyn Holzman, host and Marie Ysais from Ysais Digital Marketing, Inc, will be sharing what they discovered after overlaying their data.

The session will provide data driven insights into the causes of such losses and offer diagnostic methods and strategies to discover what might be driving the traffic loss.

“Marie and I were sharing data on a call and when we saw what we did, at the same moment we knew we needed to share this information with a wider audience ,” said Carolyn Holzman, President of American Way Media. “Our aim is to provide viewers with valuable insights into the causes of traffic drops during updates and offering actionable strategies to mitigate the risks.”

“Due to my profession I have access to a lot of websites that were hit by various Google Algo Updates. When I started to see a particular pattern I called Carolyn to compare notes and overlay our data sets.  We were able to posit some theories backed by the data about the Google Core Update and identify some predictive data. We decided in that moment to go public with our observations in order to help website owners”, said Marie Ysais, President of Ysais Digital Marketing, Inc.  

The session is open to anyone interested in SEO and website updates, including business owners, digital marketers, and website developers. Participants will have the opportunity to ask questions and receive real-time answers from both Holzman and Ysais.

To join the session, people can subscribe and visit the Crawl or No Crawl YouTube channel on Friday, March 24, 2023, at 1 PM CST. The session will be available for on-demand viewing after the live event.

Crawl or No Crawl Youtube reports share the latest finding from the public indexation research project that has been running since August 2021. The ongoing research is testing the process of simple and render crawling, indexing and serving. Current testing focus is on test sites that are designated in their search console as desktop primary crawler. Findings from the research have led to various protocols for requesting indexation of new content as well as greater understanding of how to manage pages that are labeled discovered but not crawled, crawled but not indexed and patterns of console report updates.

Those interested in site-recovery services can contact Ysais Digital Marketing, Inc,  for availability. Those interested in forensic seo services can contact American Way Media  or for training, Forensic SEO.

About American Way Media:

American Way Media is a boutique onpage seo consulting firm specializing in Forensic SEO and seo testing. As a practicing SEO since 2008, Holzman is a frequent speaker at SEO Conferences. Upcoming presentation in May 2023, she will be unveiling her current backlink tests at the first annual YACSS SEO conference in Aalborg, Denmark. Holzman is also the host of Confessions of an SEO podcast now in Season Three. Her Forensic SEO Training course is a live training course over 4 weeks. 

About Ysais SEO:

Ysais Digital Marketing, Inc.,  is a SEO agency that specializes in website recovery for websites that have been badly affected by the Google Algo Updates and are dealing with a sudden loss in traffic and/or revenue. Marie Ysais has worked in the SEO industry for 15 years with a focus on technical and on-page SEO.  To learn more be sure to join the SEO Facebook Group with over 6,000 members, SEO Algo Secrets. 

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