Crystal Cave – Behind The Curtain of a Purpose-Driven Clothing Brand

In this episode, Jack talks with the Founder and Creative Director of Poppy Row Crystal Cave about her entrepreneurial journey to creating a transformational clothing and apparel brand.

Crystal Cave is the innovative mind behind Poppy Row, the ethical and eco-conscious clothing brand of size-inclusive modular wardrobe staples for the jet-setting, changemaker woman. She has worked with women around the globe to use style as a vehicle for loving the body they are living in today so they can go out to be the change, no matter their size.

Credited by her loyal fans for being the inspiration behind some incredible transformations, Crystal believes women shouldn’t wait until they achieve what they feel is their perfect weight to feel beautiful and have fun with what they wear. She knows that creating a style for the body they have now can make all the difference in the world. And not just in how they look but how they feel about themselves.

As a former celebrity stylist turned fashion designer and style educator for women, Crystal’s style advice has been seen by over a billion people worldwide in publications like InStyle, CBS, NBC, ABC, The NY Times, The Huffington Post, MindBodyGreen, Elle, The CW and many more. Poppy Row was recently named one of SELF magazine’s “18 Best Leggings and Shorts in 2022”.

Listen in as Crystal shares how her business and brand has evolved since she first appeared on Influencers Radio seven years ago.

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