Dalisia Coppersmith – How High-Achieving Women can Overcome the Hero to Villain Cycle

In this episode, Jack talks with diversity speaker and executive coach Dalisia Coppersmith.

Dalisia specializes in empowering women in the workplace. Her personal mission is to “Restore the women who can change our world.”

Discussing the challenges that women face in male-dominated industries, Dalisia shares her personal experiences of struggling to assert herself and finding her voice as a leader. She explains the “Hero to Villain” cycle, where strong women in leadership positions start as heroes but become villains once they begin asserting themselves. This can make them feel like they must contort themselves to fit in and avoid being perceived as too aggressive. She emphasizes that these dynamics are not unique to any particular industry and that men and women alike can benefit from recognizing and addressing them.

Dalisia shares insights into her coaching methods, which include both one-on-one coaching and virtual retreats. She also talks about her upcoming book, tentatively titled “From Fed Up to On Fire: The Strong Woman’s Guide to a Big Comeback,” which aims to help women overcome workplace challenges and make a big impact in their careers.

Throughout the interview, Dalisia’s passion and enthusiasm shine through. Her message is one of hope and empowerment, encouraging women to recognize their own value and take control of their careers.

To learn more about Dailisia Coppersmith, visit https://www.dalisiacoppersmith.com