Dean Graziosi – How To Live Your Dreams And Get Paid To Share Your Knowledge

In this episode, Matt Dubiel talks with Dean Graziosi, Best Selling Author, Investor, Entrepreneur, and Trainer about how ordinary people are taking their knowledge & experience & turning it into a business that fulfills others.

According to Dubiel – the financial ‘downturn’ is coming, jobs will not come back. Graziosi agrees and shares a solution that is a win-win for everyone.

Graziosi believes that retirees and those closing in on retirement have a wealth of untapped knowledge, in danger of being lost to sedentary retirement years or wasted on unfulfilling, menial, part-time jobs to pass the time for very little money.

It’s not just about personal enrichment, Graziosi says, “If you are in your 50s, 60s, 70s and you’re good at anything, you have a skill or expertise, you should feel absolutely guilty if because you’re not helping this broken, flawed education system. How do you help it? By extracting what you know, sharing it with people to impact their lives, get paid for it, and do it again. That’s a lot more exciting than being a greeter at Walmart ”.

When Matt asked Dean who can benefit from this online education boom, Graziosi explained, “Whether you’re approaching retirement, graduating high school, considering college, or middle aged and in a high paying career – everyone is in a position to take advantage of what Forbes is saying is already a $335 Million dollar a day industry!”

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