Discover Your Entrepreneur Personality Type

You have the entrepreneurial spirit, but which type of entrepreneur are you at heart? Here are 5 distinct types of entrepreneur personalities to know.

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People with an entrepreneurial spirit usually have some things in common, but not every entrepreneur is the same.

There are different traits that make entrepreneurs great.

There are five main types of entrepreneurs. Knowing which kind of entrepreneur you are could be the key to your business success.

Curious to figure out your entrepreneur personality? Listen to this episode to learn more about the types of entrepreneurs and to determine which one you are most like.

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Evelio Silvera is an entrepreneur, best-selling author and award-winning speaker and speechwriter, who brings you proven strategies and valuable insights on what it means to be an influential and successful entrepreneur in today’s marketplace.

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Evelio Silvera is an entrepreneur and award-winning speaker and speechwriter. Evelio is a financial services and communications professional dedicated to helping entrepreneurs maximize their business and personal growth.