Donna Krech – Health and Wellness Expert – On 3 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

In this interview, Donna Krech shares 3 simple ways to reduce stress in your life and how you can turn your wellness and health passion into a profitable business.

Award Winning Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author and International Speaker, Donna Krech has a 30+ year track record of building multi-million dollar companies in the wellness, weight loss and fitness industries. One of her seven companies gained recognition from Oprah’s Oxygen Network and NBC’s Biggest Loser.

She began her career without enough money to feed her child, went through a period of time when she was facing death and in the process she came up with a fix that found the solution for both. It’s disrupting several industries and it’s changing and its providing more time, money and freedom to a person in a wellness related business, plus enabling that businesses’ customer to lose 20 pounds in 30 days and be as healthy as they were age 18. She calls it the wealth of wellness. She is the BEST at bringing non-traditional buyers to a business and is The Go-To Expert for Building Wealth from Wellness. She has lived the American Dream AND is an expert in teaching others to do the same.

Nina Hershberger

Nina Hershberger is a Best Selling Author, host of MegaBucks Radio on Business Innovators Radio and contributing iReporter covering business influencers, innovators, and trendsetters in Business, Health, Insurance, Real Estate and Finance. She is also the Publisher of the Renegade Business Success and Author News today magazines.