Dr. Amanda Shipley, DPT – Pelvic Health Physical Therapist, Atlanta, GA

In this episode, Neil talks with Dr. Amanda Shipley DPT, MTC. She is the founder and doctor of physical therapy at Renew Pelvic Health in Grant Park, Atlanta, GA. She treats women with pelvic floor dysfunction and helps them restore their quality of life by focusing on total well-being.

Dr. Shipley covers a range of sensitive topics from problems arising from giving birth to painful intercourse and the misconceptions that surround them.

Listen is as Dr. Shipley educates on the role of a physical therapist in regard to Pelvic floor problems and overall pelvic health and wellbeing.

To learn more, contact:
Amanda Shipley, DPT, MTC

Renew Pelvic Health, LLC
P: 404-769-5544
F: 404-393-3739

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