Dr. Angela Demaree – Success Strategies For First-Time Political Candidates

In this episode, Jack talks with Political Consultant Dr. Angela Demaree about the realities facing first-time political candidates and how she helps them navigate the campaign process.

Through her experiences serving as the COO of a startup company, a congressional candidate, and a certified high-performance coach, Angela developed accelerator programs to help first-time political candidates get the infrastructure and fundraising in place to hit the ground running while ensuring they have the mental, emotional, and physical stamina required to thrive on the campaign trail.

Listen in as Angela pulls back the curtain on the common fears, misconceptions, and little known pitfalls encountered by first-time candidates and how the strategies and demands of getting a political campaign off the ground parallel those of start-up companies.

To learn more about Dr. Angela Demaree, visit https://www.pawsconsulting.com/candidate

To grab a copy of Angela’s upcoming book “Campaign Survival Guide, What Every Candidate Needs to Know to Thrive on the Campaign Trail,” visit https://www.pawsconsulting.com/book