Dr. Bruce L. Salzinger-Chiropractic Healthcare of Buckhead Shares 100 Year Lifestyle

In this episode, Dr. Bruce L. Salzinger, founder at Chiropractic Healthcare of Buckhead,  100 Year Lifestyle Licensed Affiliate, and a pillar of health in the community of educating and advocating complete wellness. Listen to the passion shared through the eyes of a highly specialized mind. Dr. Salzinger instructs us to appreciate the body and its extremities by considering a lifestyle of regular care. As the Athletes Chiropractor, Dr. Salzinger has a comprehensive approach to health and wellness, where education and understanding are paramount in concert with the first adjustment. Truly a model LIFE U alumni, so pull up your chair and open your mind to the extensive history of chiropractic care.

To learn more about Dr. Bruce L. Salzinger and Chiropractic Healthcare of Buckhead, contact:

405 Pharr Rd.
Atlanta, GA 30305

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