Dr. Elizabeth VanderVeer – The New Anti-Aging Revolution Begins With Healthy Skin

In this interview Dr. Elizabeth VanderVeer, Founder and President of VanderVeer Center and VOLANTÉ® Skincare discusses her revolutionary change in paradigm for treating skin conditions.

As a doctor of internal medicine, Elizabeth is redefining skincare against the status quo of irritating and inflaming skin in the hopes that the skin would get used to this inflammation and somehow improve in appearance and health.

After listening to thousands of women complain about having irritated and red skin while following the standard treatment protocol, she knew that there had to be a better way.

Based on her own scientific research and working with fellow Physicians, Botanists and Chemists, she developed the VOLANTÉ® Skincare line to promote healthy skin rejuvenation quickly and without without redness, flaking, painful irritation and without a prescription.

Dr. VanderVeer is now making VOLANTÉ® Skincare available to the public and inviting anyone who thought that in order to make skin healthier and look younger, it must be irritated and inflamed, to join the New Anti-Aging Revolution that is fundamentally changing the way the world cares for skin.

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