Dr. Fedich – Chiropractor – on how he recovered his practice during the COVID Pandemic

On this show, Dr. James Fedich shares how he lost nearly 85% of his business during the early days of the COVID Pandemic only to recover quickly by using creative marketing strategies.

Dr. James Fedich is a chiropractor in a town of 10,000 in rural New Jersey. He knew from the age of 13 he wanted to be a chiropractor after a car accident left him with severe back pain, unable to play the sports he loved, until a chiropractor was able to treat and fix his pain.

He started his practice in 2003 in a leased 700 square foot office space. Today he has a 5,000 square foot clinic with 2 full time chiropractors working with him to treat over 350 patients weekly. He contributes this success not only to giving world class care with the latest techniques available, but also by focusing on marketing. Spending less than 10% of his annual $1,500,000 patient fees he uses marketing best practices that most other chiropractors have no idea about.

He also hosts one of the top podcast in the profession, Dr J’s Path to Success. He practices full time and also helps other doctors grow their practices. For more information go to¬†www.drjamesfedich.com

Nina Hershberger

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