Dr. Jason R. Bailey – Houston Board Certified Plastic Surgeon on Reconstructive Plastic Surgery

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Board Certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason R. Bailey in Houston, TX. Dr. Jason Bailey helps everyday people with simple or complex injuries or diseases of the body be restored with “plastic surgery”.  He does this in an innovative way by bypassing the insurance companies, complex medical middle-man and hospital overcharges by presenting patients with affordable bundled, comprehensive transparent surgical pricing for his surgical services.

Listen as Dr. Bailey explains the complexities of breast reconstruction and facial reconstruction surgeries and how new advances in plastic surgery are really making a huge difference in recovery time with less invasive methods.

New technology such as 3D imaging is making consultations easier too as patients are now able to see on the screen the exactly how surgery would look on their body.

Dr. Bailey has multiple offices around the Houston area. To learn more and to contact Dr. Bailey, visit:

Jason R. Bailey, M.D.

Plastic, Reconstructive, &  Cosmetic  Surgery