Dr. Jeremy White – Rhinoplasty Specialist Cosmetic Surgeon, Miami, FL.

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Dr. Jeremy White from ARC Plastic Surgery in Miami, FL. Dr. White has become a specialist in Rhinoplasty (nose job).

Listen as Dr. White talks about the delicacies of working on a small and functional part of the body where tiny mistakes can make a world of difference.

Dr. White explains that you can’t just pick a nose you like from your favorite celebrity, it has to fit the face you have. No one has the same face, so copying someone else’s nose is not a good starting point.

Dr. Jeremy White also cautions on working with only board certified plastic surgeons as the only measure in an unregulated market. He often sees the outcome of surgery gone wrong as people come to him to fix problems from people choosing the cheaper option.

Dr. Jeremy also practices Cosmetic Surgery on all areas of the body. You can contact him at: (305) 501-2000


ARC Plastic Surgery, Miami, Fl.

Neil Howe & Craig Williams

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