Dr. Ken Vinton – Top Doctor of Chiropractic in the Country – On How Patients Get Pain Relief from His Advanced Methods

In this interview Dr. Kenneth Vinton shares how he is able to treat patients with severe pain (back, neck, head, joints) and in most cases have them living pain-free.

Dr. Kenneth Vinton performed his undergraduate work at the University of Pittsburgh, and graduated from Palmer College of Chiropractic, with honors in research, in June 1989. He has been in private practice since that time, and passionately continues his study to ease pain, provide quality of life enhancing rehabilitation, and offer life long wellness strategies.

Because of his success with difficult case patients, Dr. Vinton has been invited to speak across the United States, Canada and Europe. Doctors from all 50 states, Canada, Japan, Ireland, China, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Australia have come to his Grove City, PA office to study with him.

His goal is to help his patients reach their pain-free goal by using his trademarked Vinton Methodâ„¢ approach. It consists of examining the body from head to toe to determine if there are other deficits contributing to the pain, including dropped arches in feet, sacroiliac joint dysfunction, spinal stenosis, disc herniations, poor posture, tight muscles, stress, nerve interference or inflammatory metabolic disorders.

By addressing the true underlying cause(s) for pain or loss of well-being, Dr. Vinton and his entire staff of medical doctors provide targeted care with time-tested, scientifically sound, proven treatments,

Dr. Vinton can be contacted by
Phone: 800-340-9535
Email: drkennethvinton@gmail.com

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