Dr. Sean Orr – Brain Fitness For The NeuroEconomy

Neurologist, Dr. Sean Orr, talks with Jack  about his focus on brain enhancement for optimal performance in the current financial culture he’s coined the NeuroEconomy.

During most of our history, the ability to earn a living was determined by physical labor, heart-centric activities – how much you could lift, move, etc.

With the more recent developments of the internet and modern technology, much of our ability to earn a living is now determined by how you think and how you use that technology.

This brings along another set of factors and activities which can eventually lead to burnout and beyond – taxing your brain beyond its limits.

Sean specializes in helping very successful people, such as entrepreneurs, executives, athletes and others, who having pushed themselves to the limit and beyond, are experiencing burnout and other more damaging circumstances.

Sean shares the stages of burnout and what he does to turn it around. He also discusses other new topics, such as biohacking – the good, the bad and the ugly of it, if folks are not careful.

A fascinating topic which can be very relevant to many who are striving to be successful in a new or growing business. This is also great information to have in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy the fruits of your hard work.

You may also be able to help someone else with this knowledge, if you observe them experiencing the symptoms of burnout.

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