Dr. Terrance Cooper – Consulting Physician for Lifetime Vibe – On How a Whole Body Vibration Machine Helps the Body Heal Itself

In this interview, Dr. Terrance Cooper “Doc”, shares how a whole body vibration machine made especially for seniors can improve health by stimulating the lymphatic system, increasing blood flow, and helping with joint flexibility. Ten minutes on the machine is like spending an hour exercising.

Doc Cooper practiced Chiropractic for 43 years in California and Utah. He retired from his chiropractic practice in 2017 but not from helping seniors regain their health through natural means when possible. While he is not adjusting his patients full time, he can’t stop himself from being passionate about their health.

He is now the consulting Physician for LifetimeVibe – a company in Orem, Utah – who manufactures the LifetimeVibe Senior Exercise machine. 

He knows first-hand the power of whole body vibration when his Plantar Fasciitis was resolved when he began to use the machine 8 years ago.

Today, he spends hours a day on the phone with patients from all over the world to be sure they understand how to use the LifeVibe machine.

​You may contact doc by calling him at 435-531-9418 or emailing him at doctmcooper@yahoo.com.

Nina Hershberger

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