Dr. Wana Ellison – COO of Red Rock Outpatient Programs Oklahoma City, OK

Dr. Wana Ellison – COO of Red Rock Outpatient Programs Oklahoma City, OK Business Authority Radio

Dr. Ellison helps the clinicians in outpatient programs within Red Rock seek new ways to become more educated in the Substance use field. She believes their job as clinicians is aspirational in nature, and must continually seek creative and innovative ways to inspire, engage, and empower the folks in need within surrounding communities as well as provide the necessary tools for clinicians to overcome their barriers in treating this wonderfully challenging and worthy population. Dr. Ellison believes that to help the drug and alcohol addicted population, reduce stigma, and instill hope – as an agency, they do their best to educate the community in attempts to reduce the stigma and remove as many barriers as possible.

We are dealers of hope!

To learn more about Dr. Ellison and Red Rock Behavioral Health Services, visit: http://red-rock.com/

or call (405) 424-7711


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