Elizabeth King Coaching: Transforming Women into Mothers

She offers several coaching opportunities (1:1 Coaching, The Fertility Coach Academy, Mamas After Miscarriage, and Keep Calm & Fertility On Group Coaching) to guide women through natural conception, infertility, IUI, IVF, alternatives routes to parenthood, miscarriage, early pregnancy PTSD, and new parent support.

“Working with Elizabeth throughout my fertility journey has been a game changer. She taught me the tools to move forward, and was there every step of the way providing support and guidance.” – Coaching Client: Lindsay, CA

Fertility is connected to the entire picture of one’s life. Along with a customized diet and stress management tools, King checks in daily and weekly to ensure her clients are supported and confident in asking questions and expressing themselves.

At thirty-six, King froze her eggs, beginning her journey of fertility. Experiencing miscarriage, fertility clinic visits, and surgery at age forty was no easy feat for King. She knew then it was crucial to transform her coaching focus to serve the 1 in 8 women that suffer in silence. 

“My heart beams with joy everyday with the amazing results we are able to achieve with women becoming moms after struggling for years.” 

–Elizabeth King

Many couples fail to connect the effect that mindset, nutrition, and lifestyle have on fertility. Elizabeth King arms them with the knowledge and power to do everything they can do on their own to increase their fertility. Combining physical, nutrition, lifestyle, mental, and spiritual health improves their chances of becoming parents. 

About Elizabeth King

King believes a holistic approach to fertility is the lynchpin to success when attempting to conceive. She is a Certified Fertility Coach, Birth and Bereavement Doula, and New Parent Educator. King has helped hundreds of women achieve their dreams of conception and parenthood in over 20 countries. She has been an entrepreneur in a high-tech marketing space over 20+ years. As an ICF Certified Life Coach for 12+ years helping others to achieve their goals in life. 

“It is imperative that you lock into exactly what your specific body needs, not what is posted on the internet.” –Elizabeth King

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