Ellen Helinski- Physical Therapy & Wellness Practitioner, Cambridge, MA

Ellen Helinski- Physical Therapy & Wellness Practitioner, Cambridge, MA Business Authority Radio

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Ellen Helinski.  She helps people recover from pain so they can return to life without limitations.

Ellen Helinski, MS, PT, IMT.C is the founder and clinical director of Inner Bridges Physical Therapy & Wellness in Cambridge, Massachusetts where she specializes in combining manual therapy with nutraceuticals and wellness practices to assist patients with complex pain. Ellen has over 20 years of experience practicing and teaching manual therapies throughout the United States and abroad and has developed her own unique method called Manual Therapy Essentials.

Listen as Ellen shares how to resolve, not manage a patient’s pain.

To learn more about Ellen Helinski, visit:


Cambridge, Massachusetts
186 Alewife Brook Parkway
Suite 302
(617) 491-7400

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