Episode 21: Building Your Ideal Business While Preserving Your Valuable Time With Duane Johns

Part of the Construction Executives Live Series 

The vast majority of building and remodeling business owners invest 20 to 30 years of their life in the grind and end up with nothing of transferable value at the end and they close the doors. They get stuck in the weeds hyper-focused on the day to day activities. Unfortunately, they never spend any time strategically thinking about what their ideal business could and should look like. In this live show, you will learn how to unlock your visionary potential.

Jeremy & Valerie Owens

Jeremy Owens is the “3rd generation” in 3 Generations Improvements and is the founder and owner of 3GI & and US Construction Zone. Valerie Owens has been a key contributor to 3G’s development, USCZ’s launch, and is accomplished in the fields of education, real estate, and charitable organizations