Ernie Neve – Plymouth Meeting Accountant on Facing the Wrath Of The IRS and Surviving

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks with Certified Public Accountant Ernie Neve of The Neve Group, LTD. Ernie helps clients who are facing the wrath of the IRS, (the most powerful collection agency in the world) in the form of tax liens, bank account levies, wage garnishments and other financial hardships.

Neve warns that the tax resolution industry is wrought with scammers. Many people that are in the need of help are in a bad way already and get taken advantage of by promises of fast outcomes and settling for “pennies on the dollar”. While there are many positive outcomes for business owners who have run afoul of the IRS, it is only when you know what you are doing and how to approach the process do you have a good chance to get a positive result.

Listen in as Ernie covers much of the misinformation and fears people have when they get those letters from the IRS and how he can coach them through it to stop future mistakes.

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