Founder of Empowered Women and Wellness Solutions Pam Spencer Reveals How Women Can Manage Midlife Pain Naturally on Influencers Radio

It’s a common belief that pain is an inevitable part of getting older. As many people reach midlife, they begin to experience minor pains, such as soreness from getting out of bed in the morning or other nuisance pains throughout the day. But for some, those nuisance pains go far beyond soreness.

According to the American Academy of Pain Medicine, more Americans suffer from pain than heart disease, cancer, and diabetes combined—that’s 100 million people—making it one of the most complex and troublesome health problems of our time.

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, founder of Empowered Women & Wellness Solutions and author of ‘Invisible Ink: How to Become Your Most Excellent’ Pam Spencer discussed how she helps women overcome the pain, emotional exhaustion, and stress that often comes during midlife.

During the interview, Spencer shared the specific challenges faced by women during midlife, saying, “With midlife comes the emotional, physical, and just mental exhaustion. Hormones are changing and estrogen levels are down, adding to the complications when it comes to pain. With the estrogen levels high in younger women, you have better coping skills, you have better flexibility at a hormonal level. As we get older, the immune system and our physiological chemical self changes a bit. Lower estrogen levels add to the coping and healing of the pain.  Additionally, you have hormonal influences that really affect the levels of energy of tolerance. And so with the emotional pain, you can become exhausted and want to give up. Well, that’s not the answer, because you surely want to live fully and move forward. There are so many restrictions entwined with pain and being able to break it down and help them at a functional, physical, and emotional level, patients do extremely well.”

As a Nurse Practitioner and Health & Life Coach, Spencer has worked with thousands of clients to help them gain vibrant energy by teaching them the tools needed to free themselves from pain so they can live the extraordinary life they deserve. 

Spencer overcame significant adversities with her own health. Through perseverance and the power of the mind, she went from struggling with stress, exhaustion, chaos, emotional sabotage, and low self-confidence to living an extraordinary life.

Today, Pam specializes in helping busy professional women in midlife achieve an extraordinary life through optimal health, self-empowerment, and inspiration.

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