Frank Olivo – Founder Sagapixel On Finding The Gems With Good Keyword Research and Content Marketing

In this episode, host Neil Howe talks to Frank Olivo, the founder of Sagapixel.  Sagapixel is a digital marketing firm who help their clients generate leads through search. Frank’s main service is Search Engine Optimization but warns that SEO only works if a business is willing and able to share its expertise through its website.

Listen in as Frank talks about the content strategy he uses to get his clients leads and how to really search for some gems that are hidden, but get good traffic.

Olivo also covers some myths and misconceptions about the SEO industry. One of which is the number of searches that many of the search tools give back. Frank believes through his data analytics it is way off and there are many long tail keywords that are easy to rank for and get a lot of traffic.

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