Fred Cook MBA, Wealth Advisor and Partner w/CAVU Financial LLC, Interviewed on the Influential Entrepreneurs Podcast Discussing Portfolio Preservation

Fred Cook discusses understanding portfolio preservation and risk management.

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Fred Cook, with experience in financial services, points out that investors often lack awareness of the risks within their portfolio, leading them to ask the wrong questions. This lack of awareness can have negative consequences for retirement planning. Fred emphasizes the importance of asking the right questions to understand the client’s retirement goals, plans, and aspirations. Advisors should act as coaches and ask the right questions to ensure clients are on the right track. This is a crucial role in understanding the right questions to ask for effective retirement planning and portfolio risk management.

Fred Cook suggests that advisors should first understand what retirement means to their clients. This includes gaining insight into their clients’ plans, thoughts, and aspirations for retirement, such as starting a business, consulting, engaging in nonprofit work, or traveling more.

Clients should be aware of the specific risks they have and know what questions to ask their advisors to ensure their portfolio aligns with their risk capacity.

Fred Cook also highlights the historical mistake of advisors trying to determine their clients’ risk tolerance without considering their actual concerns. While advisors may focus on volatility, clients often prioritize avoiding losses. Therefore, it is crucial for advisors to ask questions about their clients’ thoughts on losing money and the purpose of their investments, such as retirement, to gain a better understanding of their risk tolerance.

In essence, the episode highlights the significance of advisors posing appropriate questions and grasping their clients’ retirement objectives and risk preferences prior to delving into investment tactics. This approach enables advisors to offer more tailored and impactful financial guidance to their clients.

Fred shared: “I listen attentively to my clients’ concerns, goals, and hopes. I strive to understand their current situation and where they aspire to be in the future. This understanding allows me to provide ongoing advice, solutions, and assistance that are tailored to their unique needs, ultimately aiding them on their journey towards financial success.”

About Fred Cook

In the Financial Services Business for almost 40 years, Fred has spent his career in Banking, Insurance, Investments, Financial Planning, and Wealth Management. While most institutions look at these disciplines as competing, Fred has a deep understanding they all need to work together in his client’s financial lives.

To have the independence needed, and the resources clients demand, he has aligned himself with CAVU Financial. What brought him to the team is their mission. Managing Partner, Blake Rawson, states the mission consists of “partnering with clients to create and deliver the best, objective, independent recommendations for their financial success”. This allows Fred to focus his talents and experience on providing holistic advice, within a “concierge-sized” practice.

Throughout his career, Fred has developed a style that puts the client first. He listens to their concerns, goals, and hopes, as he attempts to understand where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow. This empathetic approach has allowed him to develop deep bonds with his clients and their families. Advice is then driven by a planning and service model that identifies issues, aligns recommendations, and delivers strategies tailored to each of his clients. Fred strives to be the first person clients call when life changes happen.

In addition to his experience, Fred has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Finance, and an MBA, both from the University of Akron.

Over the years, Fred has taught University level courses at the University of Akron, was a speaker at many local organizations and radio on the topics of investments, the economy, and planning, and was the featured speaker at a large financial services firm on the topic of financial planning for individuals.

Because of his loyal clients, Fred’s practice has grown over the years due to their enthusiastic introductions to friends, family, and associates.

Fred is past Chair of The University of Akron, College of Business, Department of Finance, Advisory Board. He has also been involved with several charitable organizations such as the YMCA, Boy Scouts, Rotary, Hudson High School Music Association, and others.

A lifetime resident of Summit County, Ohio, Fred and his wife, Arlene, live in Hudson, Ohio with their daughter, Allison. He enjoys his family, reading, and traveling.

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