Germaine Moody, CEO/Founder Moody & Chaplin Consulting Firm, Global Networking Pioneer and Authority

In this exclusive episode, Craig finally catches up with globetrotting entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, and multi-industry mogul Germaine Moody. Listen as we journey through the creative mind of a young man living in ‘purpose, on purpose’. Germaine shares with us that no vision ever reaches the heights of Greatness without inclusion. Mr. Moody expresses his passion for global representation in his projects whether it be his eyewear company or entertainment agency without the consideration of all humanity his purpose falls short of the legacy initiatives he was created for.

Grab your passport and join us for an amazing conversation, and eclectic journey through a progressive life without boundaries.

Check out these titles where you find all great books- An Abundance of Person, Discover Wisdom: 100 Days of Inspiration & Power, The Quotes, Moody’s Wisdom Creed, 50 Seeds of Greatness, Single, Successful and Sleepy, Moody’s IF’s for Entrepreneurs, The laws of Networking: Keys to creating global Influence, Wealth and Power.

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