Goldilock CEO Jarrod Epps Discusses Crypto Key Custody and The Goldilock ICO

Goldilock The Crypto Key Custody and Digital Asset Storage Solution 

Cryptocurrency investors and managers of sensitive digital assets are currently forced to choose between personally-held hardware cold storage solutions, which can be stolen, hacked, misplaced, destroyed or confiscated; and online hot wallets, which are vulnerable to hacking, denial of service, and custodial company collapse. Without a viable, scalable, and secure crypto key custody solution, both institutions and individuals continue to be plagued by frequent financial losses due to the mishandling of their keys. – Goldilock solves these issues.

Matthew Loughran

Matthew is a highly accomplished Senior Executive and C-Suite Officer in the FinTech and financial services industry. Matthew holds a B.S. in Biology and Marketing from Loyola University Maryland; and an Executive M.B.A. from Washington State University.