Heart-Centered Financial Services Professional LinLi Wang Reveals The Power of Financial Literacy on Influencers Radio

On a recent episode of Influencers Radio with Jack Mize, LinLi Wang discussed how she is helping others take control of their future by increasing their financial literacy.

According to Lin Li, “Money is about a mindset, about how we relate to money. And even though we’re smart in our work, we may not give money priority, we may procrastinate, or money may take a back seat to daily life…and before you know it, things happen.”

As a former IT engineer and director, LinLi understands how personal finances can take a back seat to one’s job or business. She shared that she was solely focused on her IT domain and excelling in her work, saying, “So when it came to money, I really didn’t pay too much attention to it. Like a lot of people are doing right now, I was contributing to my 401K and putting money in an IRA savings account, but I really didn’t know much about money at that time.” This is her big “Why”…why she partners with her clients to help them develop a money mindset so they can take action to unlock their worth.

During the interview, LinLi shared the four common life-changing situations that can cause anyone financial difficulties.

First is prematurely passing away or health-related challenges causing financial hardship. If someone encounters a loss of money for medical bills, cannot work temporarily, or passes away, the income stops.

The second challenge is people build too much debt and don’t know how to handle it.

The third is job change and business ups and downs. Right now, money is tight, inflation is high, and the market is uncertain. 

Lastly, those ready to retire do not have adequate savings, so they worry about whether they have enough money to live on and if they will run out of money in retirement.

LinLi is passionate about helping people who feel lost or overwhelmed develop a strong mindset around money so they can get on the right track to financial health regardless of their current situation.

LinLi provides financial education and services to individuals. She also loves to train others to become financial services professionals so that they can educate and help others unlock their worth.

To listen to the full interview and connect with LinLi Wang, visit https://influencersradio.com/linli-wang