Interview with Aleksander Dyo Managing Director of Wealth Excel

Aleksander stands out in the financial landscape for his deep expertise in complex Qualified Plan models and innovative Financed Charitable Gifting techniques. Catering to a sophisticated clientele of business leaders, high-wage earners, and high-net-worth individuals, Aleksander has masterfully orchestrated tax savings exceeding $60 million.

With a career spanning over a decade as a wealth creation strategist, Aleksander is on a mission to empower his clients to safeguard and enhance their wealth using Advanced Pension Plans and Charitable Gift Financing strategies. As a dynamic serial entrepreneur, seasoned venture investor, and trusted advisor, Aleksander applies his extensive firsthand experience to offer practical, impactful wealth-building strategies.

Aleksander is the mastermind behind the Pre-Tax Wealth Creation Blueprint—a comprehensive, step-by-step framework designed to significantly boost tax savings, reinforce asset protection, and accelerate personal wealth growth.

His fluency in English, Russian, and Korean allows him to serve a diverse range of clients effectively. Aleksander is known for his straightforward personality, results-driven focus, and out-of-the-box thinking. These qualities have cemented his reputation as a “financial surgeon” of creative solutions for wealth creation, making him a sought-after strategist in the financial domain.

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