Interview with Brad Gotto Owner of Fiat Wealth Management

Brad is a fiduciary, fee only financial planning firm located in Wayzata, Minnesota. Where most advisors stop, we begin. We specialize in helping people figure out why they saved a pile of money, and how to spend it.
We are a holistic firm with a special focus on tax planning.
People always ask about our name. Why Fiat…In economic textbooks, the term ‘fiat currency’ is loosely defined as ‘faith-based currency.’
The U.S. dollar is today a fiat currency, meaning that it has no physical backing such as gold or silver. Critics argue that this is a weakness.
Fiat, however, sees this as an example of the importance of trust, and even faith, for economic relationships to exist. Trust is the bedrock of the work at Fiat Wealth Management.

Brad is also a national financial speaker, trainer, and mentor, who is responsible for delivering high-quality content to financial advisors regarding the elements required to expand business opportunities on a virtual level.
He also provides mentorship to financial advisors to create educational content to present to prospective and current clientele.

His media subsidiary, Every Day Is Saturday, includes his speaking/training/mentorship engagements, a podcast focusing on entertaining financial and lifestyle topics and a soon to be released book, Spending Money And Having Fun: Your Practical Guide To A Fearless Retirement.

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