Interview with Certified Financial Planner® Burt Williamson of PlanPrep Discussing Tax Planning

Burt Williamson was fortunate to have had the amazing training and talented people at American Express Financial Advisors (now Ameriprise) in Connecticut when he started as a financial planner in 1995. He became a member of the Advanced Advisor Group in 1999 and won awards from his colleagues and the president of the company for his top-notch planning skills in 1999 and 2000. He was named a master seminar presenter and gave numerous presentations to American Express cardholders, many of whom became clients.

Burt later joined LPL Financial (a large independent broker/dealer) as their Senior Planning Specialist in San Diego in 2004. Over 6,000 advisors from across the country consulted with him about their clients’ complex financial, estate, and business planning matters.

He started PlanPrep in 2006 as a virtual financial firm long before the current trend of serving clients online. Financial advisors from across the country seek out his advice to help them solve their clients’ unique financial challenges.
Now, you can take advantage of his skill set and easy-going demeanor to help you structure your portfolio correctly for your retirement goals.
Burt has helped thousands of people across the country to plan effectively for their financial goals since 1995. Burt and PlanPrep are a Registered Investment Advisor, and Burt is a licensed annuity and insurance agent, which all require him to act as a fiduciary on your behalf. Being a fiduciary means that Burt must always do what is in your best interest. As a firm, PlanPrep always acts with the highest ethical standards.

Burt received an economics degree from Columbia University and an MBA from the University of Connecticut (Go Huskies!).

Burt Williamson grew up in the family business working at his family’s iconic interior decorating business in Old Greenwich, CT. His dad, Fred Williamson, Jr., had the conviction that Burt needed to learn the business from the ground up. His dad had him work with a variety of contractors to learn their unique crafts. This helped Burt refine his design specifications and communication skills.

Applying this same bottom-up learning process to the financial world has enabled him to build his knowledge and skill set for providing exceptional financial advice.

Don’t wait until it’s too late. Take advantage of time and the historically low tax rate, so you can move your forever-taxable money to never-taxable with PlanPrep’s help.

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Licensed Insurance Agent
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