Interview with Damion Lupo Author of Millionaire Action Plan

Born with an entrepreneurial spirit Damion started his first business at age 11, has started 30 since, and is the published author of 5 books.

He’s the founder of Yokido, a martial art that blends Aikido and Yoga and holds 3 other black belts.
As a thought leader and bold executioner, his first rental house was purchased on Dec 31, 1999, using his VISA and a bucket of courage. That decision grew into a 150+ house, 7 state empire over the next 5 years culminating with a total meltdown and Reinvention in 2008. (Book #3 is called Reinvented Life)
Damion’s personal philosophy centers on Self Responsibility and a belief that the only path to freedom is through personal ownership and 10X thinking.
His philosophy combined with a love of financial markets and money psychology drove him to found the Austin based FinTech Total Control Financial in 2016 to disrupt wall street and empower the main street with patented technology and artificial intelligence-based tool to reinvent old archaic ideas around retirement and financial freedom and empower people with control of their financial lives.

His powerful patented tool is called the eQRP, a retirement vehicle 10 times more powerful than an IRA, giving investors checkbook control of their 401k and IRA money and keeping track of it and empowered with their iPhone.

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