Interview with David Tamm, Founder and CEO of Pencerita

David Tamm is an accomplished leader, author, thought pioneer, and the Founder and CEO of Pencerita, a legacy preservation platform designed to put users back in control of their narrative, data, and content. As a business builder, David has a flair for rapidly transforming ideas into profitable businesses. His upbringing, where he grew up with just enough to succeed, along with his later self-made success via hard work, creativity, and dedication, gave him a unique perspective on the commercial world and the technological landscape. This has enabled him to successfully launch five companies across various industries, giving him extensive experience with tech startups and building systems for scalability and sustainability.

On top of his extensive startup experience, David has nearly 20 years of project and program management expertise in the technology, operations, and sales disciplines. Digital innovation is one of David’s specialties, as well as marketing insight and research, executive leadership, and corporate sales.

As a lifelong learner, David has three degrees and has attended CU Boulder, Auburn, the University of Maryland, and three other institutions of higher learning. He’s currently engaged in research at the doctoral level and is working toward an MBA. His private research interests are in the realms of virtual reality and artificial intelligence.

David has worked in both the government and corporate industry sectors and has proven himself to be a leader time and time again. He served for nearly ten years as an enlisted Airman and Officer with the United States Air Force, and is a combat veteran with deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. He formerly held a Top Secret – SCI clearance.

The military instilled in David a strong sense of devotion to volunteering and giving back to his local community and his respective fields. It also taught him the importance of investing in the next generation. Because of this, David frequently mentors up-and-coming business owners from all over the world.

David currently lives in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, and enjoys traveling and spending quality time with his wife. He’s as equally dedicated to his own personal development as he is to the success of his business ventures and continually strives to be a great husband and a loving Corgi dad.

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